AfroDreamFest: Tosinger (Singer-Songwriter)

Tosinger, an amazing singer-songwriter from Nigeria and based in Atlanta, who also happens to be a musical collaborator with Laolu and a close friend is also performing at AfroDreamFest.  We'd love to share more info about her here.  Please read on and come see her perform this Friday and Saturday.  

Tosinger comes with an earthy musical flow that's as native and Afro-ethnic as it is a sheer loveliness of heavenly inspiration.

Tosinger is a sweet spirited indie artist, an inspirational AfroSoul/Folk Singer Songwriter from Ogun State, Nigeria. She is also a Writer/Poet and a Creative Arts Consultant. An eclectic woman of the arts with a warm personality and matchless passion, her message remains inspirational and uplifting. Her vocal essence & sound has been described as sublime and African, soothing and calming, her versatile voice displays a simple conveyance of heartfelt richness and freshness. She draws influences from her Yoruba cultural background and afrobohemian earthiness from her maternal side which contributes to the aura of her image. Tosinger's music influences consists  of an eclectic mix of artists including Mariam Makeba, Angelique Kidjo, Tracy Chapman, Whitney Houston, Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade, Cece Winans, Celine Dion, Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Fela Kuti, Asa, Don Moen, Kim Burrell, Nina Simone to name a few.

Tosinger started singing in the church as a worship leader in her college fellowship at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria where the nickname, ‘Tosinger’, was coined by friends. Her first name Oluwatosin (short form - Tosin) means “God is worthy to be worshiped” in her native language, Yoruba. The merge of ‘Tosin’ and ‘Singer’ became ‘Tosinger’. In 2000, she attended Nottingham University for a postgraduate MA program in International Relations where she became known for her vocal talent and subsequently played a leadership role in the school's Revival Gospel Choir. She moved on to study Music/Worship/Theater at the creative arm of the International Bible Institute of London in 2002 where she thereafter had the opportunity to be part of some London Broadway shows’ vocal ensemble: Paul Knight's Adaptation of 'Mother Goose'-The Pantomime’, ‘GodSpell’ and ‘Rent’. During her stay in London, she

learned the acoustic guitar and did backup vocals for contemporary Christian recording artists - Matt Redman and Dave Wellington.

Tosinger released ‘Sound of God’ digitally in 2009, a song lyrically inspiring and ambient in delivery. This song became the US southern regional winner, chosen by the Donna Groff Agency in the Songwriters’ competition at the AMTC (Actors, Models & Talent Competition) Florida 2009 where she also got a certificate in Stage Presence and Performance.

'FINALLY', a 6-track EP, her first published work was released in January 2012 and thereafter the 'Afrospire Demo' of 7 tracks in 2013. Tosinger has a drive and a desire to contribute her music to the world, positively through inspirational messages basked in the ‘African/World’ genre of music to effect change and spread love, peace, joy, positivity one listener at a time. She recently graduated with a Masters degree in Arts Administration from SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design), Atlanta.

Tosinger says “Songwriting comes natural to me. My lyrics are usually influenced by real life experiences, folk and nature, they are also spiritually inspired. Musically, it is a mix of African vocalisms, beats and the Yoruba language and rhythm rendered in a contemporary way, sometimes as a soulful ballad, sometimes mid tempo, a music genre that I'd like to refer to as “Inspirational AfroSoul or AfroFolk”. I do incorporate other genres like Jazz, Reggae, Ambient music, World, Spoken Word and Neosoul. I can also play around with tunes on the acoustic guitar and African percussions".

Tosinger’s music brand is one of African authenticity and roots, very original, organic and traditional, while at the same time, contemporary and modern. Her current work in progress, debut album titled 'Organically Singing' is due to be released in the Summer/Fall of 2015. Tosinger is married with two sons and currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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