Laolu Senbanjo's Videos are all posted here.  Some are music videos, some are documentaries, and some are just rehearsal footage.  Check out the Artist in action!

Watch Laolu perform the Sacred Art of the Ori at Canvas Gallery in New York.  Timelapse by Meekaaeel DeBradley.  

In this time-lapse, Laolu discusses his art and takes us through what it means to him.

Check out the official video for "Flowers" by Laolu directed by Femi Bamigbetan.  Filmed in his own neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.  

Laolu spent some time with the French Fields Mag this Summer for a frank discussion on what it's like to be an Artist and and an immigrant living in Brooklyn, New York City, NY, USA.  

The Love Before (Oro Ife) by Laolu Senbanjo featuring Lindsey follow @afromysterics @laolusenbanjo instagram:laolu_senbanjo Video by Basik Global studios Like on Facebook: Laolu Senbanjo -