Laolu Official Press Kit

                                                                                                                  Laolu Senbanjo photo by Ima Mfon

 About Laolu  

Laolu is a Nigerian born-Brooklyn based Musician, Visual Artist, and Human Rights Lawyer. His Musical style is deeply rooted in the traditions of Afrobeat and High Life, mixed with Afro-Soul and Reggae. His style is a beautiful blend of Fela and Pharrell. The Afromysterics Band is talented group of musicians who hail from all over the world. Their diversity brings different elements to every performance. They truly are the New sound of African Music. Based in NYC and performing worldwide in Germany, France, South Africa, and opening for the Legendary Tony Allen at SOB's and regularly playing at Silvana, The Shrine, and Meridien 23. 


Laolu's lyrical influences stem from his Yoruba heritage as he often sings in his native tongue, Yoruba and sometimes Pidgin like his mentor Fela. As a Human Rights Lawyer who specializes in Women and Children's Rights he often sings about social justice issues, feminism, and cultural expectations. Laolu knows all about cultural expectations. Growing up he always knew he must become a Lawyer because his Father is a Lawyer. He was expected to suppress his passion and love for Music. However, that passion couldn't be suppressed and eventually he took the leap of faith and had the courage to follow his true love, Music. He moved from Nigeria to follow his dream. A successful Artist, he often sings about his Art and vice-versa. He stays true to his Yoruba heritage and often sings about Yoruba Mythology. A self-taught guitarist and pianist, he's the lead singer-songwriter of Laolu & the Afromysterics.


Laolu's hit single "the Love Before" is available on Soundcloud: and watch his latest video "Flowers" on YouTube


Listen to his interview on NPR.

Laolu Senbanjo photo by Ima Mfon