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Laolu Senbanjo

Here is a little about our lead singer:

Laolu is the lead singer and guitarist of the Afromysterics Band as well as the founder of the band. A Nigerian visual artist and musician, he created the Afromysterics style of art. Afromysterics means, the mystery of the African thought pattern and transcends art mediums by expressing these thoughts into vocals, sounds and music. The self taught musician is musically inspired by Fela Kuti, Sade and Sunny Ade. His current hit songs include, Flowers and Love Before.

Connect with Laolu:

Facebook: Laolu Senbanjo; Twitter: @laolusenbanjo, Instagram: laolusenbanjo




Don Undeen

Don is the Saxophonist for the Afromysterics band, funny and cool, read his Bio here:

Don's been playing saxophone for about 28 years. A veteran of the Gainesville, FL music scene, he's played just about every dive bar and low-rent stage in the southeast. 10 years ago he moved to NYC to live the dream, and spent a few years touring France with Nervous Cabaret. He studies jazz under the legendary Avram Fefer, and works for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Connect with Don:

Facebook: Don Undeen